Children with special needs

The term special need is used to collectively define those that require assistance due to physical, mental behavioral or medical disabilities and delays.

Children diagnosed with any of the following disease conditions are found to be in need of such special attention.

Down syndrome is a congenital disability due to chromosomal abnormality.

Cerebral Palsy is a disorder caused by injury to the motor areas in the brain, affecting muscle tone and the ability to control movement and posture.

Autism is a developmental disorder that typically appears in the first three years of life. This disorder makes it difficult for children to communicate verbally and non-verbally.

ADD & ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) is a behavioral disorder formally defined as a significant deficiency in age-appropriate attention.

Learning disabilities impede a person's ability to store, process or recall information.

Yoga for the Special Child training program offers a unique learning environment for such children and their parents, special education teachers and Yoga teachers.

Basic 1 will focus on kids with special needs from 0-12 years old. Using hands – on and video instruction.

Basic 2 deals with children 13 years old and above with learning and/or developmental disabilities.

Continuous Education Program - Cerebral Palsy & Down Syndrome Autism & ADHD  for all those who have completed Yoga for the Special Child® Basic Program.


It is a step-by-step, integrated system of poses designed to improve cognitive and motor skills in children with learning and developmental delays and disabilities.



· Increases attention and coordination, Helps fine-motor coordination visual motor and auditory processing, Improves muscle tone and balance, Promotes flexibility and corrects postural misalignment.

· Relieves respiratory ailments, Increases emotional stability and self – esteem, promotes an overall sense of well-being.


Ms. Sonia Sumar, one of the direct disciples of Sri Swami Satchidananda, began teaching Yoga for children with special needs after her daughter Roberta was born with Down Syndrome in 1970. She noticed many positive changes after using Yoga as therapy.  She became a Certified Yoga Teacher in 1972.

Sonia is a recognized member of: Yoga Alliance; IYTA - Integral Yoga

Teachers Association; YREC - Yoga Research Educational Center and IAYT -- International Association of Yoga Therapists.

She guides course participants through each stage of the special child’s development by using hands on and video instruction.

Renata started to practice Yoga with her mother, Sonia Sumar, at three years of age. While still a child, Renata participated in many Yoga courses and conventions with her mother. At twelve years, she completed her first Hatha Yoga Teacher's Training Program through Brazil's Federal University at Minas Gerais (UFMG). And, at fifteen years old, she began her teaching career in Hatha Yoga

In 1989, Renata advanced her teaching skills by completing the Teacher's Training Program for Yoga for the Special Child. In 1990 Sri Swami Satchidananda, the great teacher and founder of Hatha Yoga Integral, visited Sonia Sumar's Yoga Center in Brazil and this visit caused Renata to begin following a new path. By the end of 1991 Renata went to Satchidananda Ashram in VA.In 1994 she received her university diploma in Speech Therapy. Her thesis, "Yoga as a Method of Global Stimulation for Children with Down Syndrome", describes her original research which indicates Yoga is an effective method for stimulating the development of children with Down Syndrome

Renata is the Director of the Integral Yoga Center in Belo Horizonte, Brazil and a member of the Integral Yoga Teachers Association, Yoga Alliance, where she is a E-RYT at the 500 hour level and E-RCYT



Autism and ADD/ADHD by Ms. Sonia Sumar

Sonia teaches this comprehensive continuing education course in the theory and practice of Yoga therapy for babies and children with Autism or ADD/ADHD.

Date : 26th -28th December 2017

Time : 7. 00 Am - 4.30 Pm (first 2 days)

   7.00 Am - 1.00 Pm (third day)

Fee : Rs. 15000/- for overseas and NRIs

   Rs. 8500/- for Indians

Cerebral Palsy and Down Syndrome by Ms. Renata Sumar

Renata Sumar teaches this comprehensive continuing education course in the theory and practice of Yoga therapy for babies and children with Cerebral Palsy and Down Syndrome.

Date : 29th -31st December 2017

Time : 7. 00 Am - 4.30 Pm (first 2 days)

   7.00 Am - 1.00 Pm (third day)

Fee : Rs. 15000/- for overseas and NRIs

   Rs. 8500/- for Indians

Program information:

Participants will start each day by deepening their own Yoga practice with a Meditation and Hatha Yoga class. After an introductory discussion on teaching Hatha Yoga to children with Special needs, 4 hands on training sessions with children with Autism / ADD / Cerebral Palsy / Down syndrome follow. Each class ends with a group discussion and question and answer period about the techniques learned, the appropriate yoga routine and what stage the child is in.

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