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Introduction ClassBenefits of Hatha Yoga
By placing the body in the various postures, the muscles and the internal organs get a good massage. Yoga tones the entire muscle system, nervous system, endocrine glands, and all internal organs. It also promotes flexibility, vitality, and relaxation.

Circulation is improved and is directed toward the specific internal organs with which the posture is working. Deep breathing during the postures increases blood and lymph circulation, thus preventing pooling of the lymph fluid.

Beginner’s Course
To provide step-by-step instructions for the beginner student, the IYI offers an 10-day introductory course that starts every Monday unless otherwise posted. There is a choice of either morning (6:30AM) or evening (6:30PM) classes, and each class is one hour and fifteen minutes long.

The fee for the course is Rs. 1000, for the beneficial continuation of your classes, Rs. 500 which includes a 20-class card which can be used at any drop-in class within sixty days of the end of the beginner’s course.

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