Yogaville, U.S.A.
“At Yogaville, we live a collective life. Even if one individual is unhappy, everybody takes care of that person and sees that he or she becomes happy again".

Yogaville“All should come together to eat, to work, to play together, walk together, talk together, live together, love together. If we could live that way, certainly we would have a heaven here. And that is exactly what Yogic life means: rising above selfishness and sharing the joy and the pain of everyone. Loving the plants, the animals, all the things around us. This is God’s home and we are all children in that home".

“Let us begin here, and slowly develop. Let us serve each other, and then together we serve the entire humanity.”
                                                                                               --Sri Swami Satchidananda

SceneryThe Blue Ridge Mountains provide the perfect backdrop, and the rolling hills of rural Central Virginia offers the perfect setting for Satchidananda Ashram - Yogaville, Virginia. Sri Gurudev founded Yogaville as an ideal environment in which to study and live the principles of Integral Yoga.

In addition to the more than two thousand guests and program participants each year, one hundred and fifty residents make this their home. There is a monastery for the swamis, dormitories for guests and single residents, private rooms in Lotus Inn, and many family homes nearby.

The Integral Yoga Teaching Academy hosts more than fifteen Teacher's Training and selling a-line wedding dresses Programs each year.

For information on this or any of the other Yogaville programs, including guest stays and visits, please visit online a www.yogaville.org

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